January 6


As we enter the 2019 we wish you a happy new year and ensure you that even though January is a short month in A4 (as we are starting from the 14th of January) it will be full of colorful multi-genre and international program. Cheers to that!

Music in January

On Friday (17.1.) we are excited for an exceptional concert Art’s Birthday 2019: Imago Sonoris. The four-part audiovisual composition by five composers, is an experimental electro-acoustic project precisely combining studio recordings, real sounds and fragments, four videos, one instrumentalist and its live-interpreted processing.

A week later we will introduce an artist, mathematician and musician Robert B. Lisek. In his work he uses artificial intelligence, analogue audio-visual synthesizers and his performances intertwine spectacular, stochastic and concrete music with futurism and noise. On Saturday after his concert he will show a bit of his “kitchen” during his workshop AIAM – Artificial intelligence for art and music. The workshop will last the whole day and focus on generating sounds and visuals with computing and networking. Robert B. Lisek is an experienced and internationally acclaimed mathematician, programmer and composer whose know-how will be shared this weekend!

Cinema in January

Our film screen will lead you to west Berlin, thoughts of Tomáš G. Masaryk or the visions of Lars von Trier. As a part of the film x art series that brings genre-bending films about art, we will look into the city divided by the wall and filled with music and decadence. We will bring you the adaptation of the book of interviews of Karel Čapek and Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk in the film Talks with TGM directed by Jakub Čerevka, the dark journey that leads to a perfect crime in The House That Jack Built by Trier and also an african gangster film Wúlu from Mali. We will present the young coming-of-age/road-trip film by Slovenian director Olma Omerza Všetko bude, too.
Theatre in January:

Theatre SkRAT will besides their regular performances also introduce a premiere of their new play Tiene pochybnosti (Shadows of Doubt). It is a politically incorrect cabaret about the past, presense and incompetence and an “Ode to cooperation”! SkRAT will also perform their favorite plays TAbu and Extracts and Refunds.

On eighteenth of January Petra Fornayová and Vladimír Zboroň will bring their play Koniec Koniec with captivating visuals to A4 – about expiration, downfall, relief and end, end. 


January is a beginning! So come to start the year with us. We are looking forward to seeing you.