April 24

About the light workshop with Ján Ptačin

At the end of February, a 2-day light design workshop led by Ján Ptačin took place in A4. Our ESC volunteers dealt with topics such as the basics of lighting in a theater and how to light a scene when creating a video.

Here are some things the volunteers learned:

“The light shapes the nature of the characters on stage. Even before the actor says something, the light builds up our expectations about the scene: mysterious, comical, dramatic.”

“Color mixing can take place in two ways, additive and subtractive. In the case of color mixing by adding colored light, for example by mixing primary red, blue and green, this is additive mixing and the result is white light. In the case of color mixing by adding pigments, e.g. when painting, it is subtractive mixing, and by adding colors to the canvas, we gradually work towards dark gray, theoretically even black.”

“Light has a temperature and you can measure it with a machine called a spectrometer. In order to adjust the temperature, you can change the lighting gels and overlap different lights. It is also important for filming, to adjust the settings of the camera according to the temperature.”

“The overall light design of a show can be created beforehand through a special programme or site.”

“Thank you for the useful tips on books in which we can continue to learn about light design.”

The workshop was implemented as part of a project supported by the EU program European Solidarity Corps, Space for Culture 2023.