Friday at 8:00 PM

Debris Company: Clear

Author: P.Lomnicky / Direction: J.Vlk / Dramaturgy: D.Ciripova / Choreography: S.Vlcekova / Music: J.Vlk / Stage design: J.Ptacin / Costume design: T.Ciller / Light design: J.Ptacin, J.Vlk / Performers: M.Prevendarcik, S.Vlcekova, N.Rafaelisova

A physical theatre piece dealing with questioning of one’s own past, memories, experience, opinions, morality and knowledge of the world to uncover new truths and old lies. All contradictory opposites are in the same time inseparable while leaving room for games & mischief which may turn out to be a more effective way to ask for answers.