Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Debris Company: Kidnap of Europe / PREMIERE

Director J. Vlk, author P. Lomnický, musical composition V. „Slnko“ Šarišský, choreography S. Vlčeková, scenography, lighting design J. Ptačin, J. Vlk, fine art J. Ptačin, J. Vlk, costumes K. Holková, dramaturgy D. Čiripová, M. Hodoň, musical realization: string quartet, cast S. Vlčeková, M. Hajdyla Lacová, S. Daubnerová, M. Prevendarčík, production M. Širáňová

At the time of interregnum, old forms are decomposing, everything is falling apart and nothing new cannot be created. The progress is changing to survival or staying alive. It is not progress, it´s escape from resultant disaster. Life becomes a succession of changing episodes, where a question of meaning of life has no place. Are we on a ship of fools circumnavigating Europe or are we in hell with kidnapped Europe?