Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Martin Hodoň: EVA

Author and director M. Hodoň, dramaturgyD. Čiripová, cast P. Tilajčík, scenographyand costumes I. Macková, music J. Vlk, movementcollaboration J. Viňarský, lighting designS. Šmálik, production gaffa o.z.

The author’s staging is freely inspired by the lives of Eva Braun, Nadezhda Alliluyeva, Clara Petacci, Gizella Lutz and faith. Faith in destiny and an ideal. “Every man, like I do bring a woman’s image in myself. It is not a image of a specific woman, it is just image of a woman. An ideal, that is changing… Where shoud I stand to be hit? Where should I be? Where? Here or there?”

Organized by gaffa o.z.