Tuesday at 8:00 PM

Divadlo SkRAT: Stredná Európa ťa miluje

Tuesday / 20.00 / Theatre SkRAT / 7 € / 5 € students / 2 € students VŠMU, AU, conservatories

Project and concept D. Vicen, authors of text, cast V. Bednárik, I. Hrubaničová, V. Zboroň, D. Vicen, music cooperation Ľ. Burgr, used songs by Andreu Bocelli and Indira Radia for quintet of brass instruments adapted by M. Piaček, recorded music by Slovak Brass Quintet, scenic realization D. Vicen and cast

“Crazy ride into the darkest depths of the Central European soul.” Classic avant-garde, non-political and political, folklore-brutal, pseudointelectual comedy in which something is questioned and also confirmed and it´s usually referred to as “the Central European cultural context”.