Friday at 5:00 PM

Festival OCHOTNÍCI, TO JE ON (Youth theater KALORIK a ELDORADO at the D. Kardoš elementary school, Bánovce nad Bebravou)

Performing are the students of D. Kardoš elementary school, Directed by Z. Varhaníková, Music T. Tuláček, Costumes Harmoni n.o.

We believe that the democratic development in Slovakia won’t allow extremist progress and that expressions full of antisemitism will be in, in the near future, reasons enough to be identified as breaches of the law. We also believe that we as theater artists can through our theater play TO JE ON … (or it can happen to us), on the topic of Holocaust and extremism in Slovakia, where we in our authored play used specific stories, specific letter – requests of pardon for children, which were sent to the president of the Slovak state at the time Jozef Tiso.