Monday at 8:00 PM

PRO-TÉZA 2017 // Hotel Europa (PT) / Portugal is not a small country

Directed and interpreted by A. Amálio, assistant director, choreography T. Havlíčková, musical interpretation P. Salvador, scenography P. Silva

A documentary inscenation, which is a critical reflection of colonialism, identity studies, and truth-seeking. The longest-lasting European empire, which lasted for 500 years, ended in 1974, along with the breakdown of 48 years of fascist dictatorship. Some politicians wanted to transform Europe into a fortress, which would not allow foreigners, refugees and anyone foreign to enter and live within their territory. Today’s rise of racism and the slogan `Europe only for Europeans` can be compared to the past, when Europeans colonized and humiliated natives from the colonies. Every country has its history, which it celebrates and history which it would rather forget.