Tuesday at 8:00 PM

PRO-TÉZA 2017 // Židovskí herci (Jewish Actors) / Teatr Žydowski (PL)

Directed by A. Smolar, text M. Buszewicz, scenography and costumes A. Met, live music D. Korzeniecka, assistant director P. Lombarowicz, starring R. Kluge, M. Kuźnik, J. Rzączyńska, I. Rzeszowska, M. Trybalska, J. Walczak

“In the best scenario, a Jewish actor is really Jewish. And he or she has to be a good actor. If they are not a good actor, they should at least be a good Jew.“

Jewish actor is an inscenation about a group of people who are not sure of their identity. It is related to the past, but also the present. Six actors present their own stories. None of them is, of course, speaking the truth. They are authentic, if not necessarily correct. Can an actor, really a performer, be completely trustworthy?