Thursday at 8:00 PM

DRAMA QUEER 2017 // Biofiction

S. Aughterlony / J. Rosenblit / H. Rowe, Switzerland, Germany, USA Performances S. Aughterlony, J. Rosenblit, Hahn Rowe, concept S. Aughterlony live music H. Rowe, dramaturgic cooperation S. Bozic, J. León, costumes J. Steinmann, light design F. Bach, technical director M. Predour, production manager S. Kießling, production S. Aughterlony / Verein für Allgemeines Wohl

Dance performance and a choreographed poem. Biofiction is a rare love story between many, an unexpected cleaning in the wilderness which offers a weld of human and natural influences.

Organised by Nomantinels