Friday at 8:00 PM

Horácke divadlo Jihlava: 3100 °C mé krve

Scenario and direction P. Šimák, výber textov, preklad, dramaturgia K. Jonášová, pohybová spolupráca T.Rychetský, scéna a kostýmy A. Hanzlová, hrajú A. Bazgerová, J.Burda, V. Čapková, D. Ondráček, T. Otavová, T. Slámová, P. Soumar, O. Šípek, P. Šimák

The civil war in Syria started five years ago. Ever since more than 20 000 foreign fighters have joined various radical Islamist factions in Iraq and Syria, including 3 000 persons from the West.

What drives young Europeans to leave and fight for Daesh? Why do these young people turn against their culture and are willing to fight and die? We seek answers to these question through the stories of mothers, whose sons became ISIS fighters.