Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Impro Café: Doneda/Myhr, Doneda/Myhr, Dugovič/Krupa/Matejka

The start of a new series of experimental musical evenings devoted to improvisations, coproductions and searching for new sounds, which is an unforced continuation of the Open Stage cycle.

Acoustic instruments in virtuoso hands of a pair of coordinated improvisators: get ready for extended playing techniques, the interlacing of sound textures, to search for a new sound. French saxophone player Michel Doneda and the Norwegian Adrian Fiskum Myhr on contrabass have been playing together in various casts for many years. The first has already accomplished cooperations with aces as John Zorn or Fred Firth, the latter is active in projects such s Oker Damana or Bansal Band.

Slovak colors will be hailed by the ad hoc collective of selected artists: Braňo Dugovič (clarinet), Jozef Krupa (drums) a Michal Matejka (guitar).