Tuesday at 8:00 PM

Zs (USA), Tigris Argentum (SK)

The New York tornado is back in Slovakia once again. Zs are saxophone innovator Sam Hillmer (who performed at the NEXT festival in November as Diamond Terrifier); guitarist and electronics artist Patrick Higgins and the drum mage Greg Fox (Liturgy, Guardian Alien). Zs’s concerts, who also collaborated with Christian Wolff, Gang Gang Dance, Animal Collective, but also with The Flying Luttenbachers, usually promise a ritual experience that is hard to classify, but even harder to forget. Elements of classical music, free jazz, minimalism, alternative rock, and noise, fluently meet to create something new. “Imagine Black Dice performed by Sun Ra and you’re close.” – New York Times. The home scene will be represented by a fresh acoustic project – Tigris Argentum – conceived by the head of the Nomad Sky Diaries label, also known as 900piesek.