Friday at 8:00 PM

Debris Company, Eugen Gindl: WOW!

Director, concept J. Vlk, choreography S. Vlčeková, text E. Gindl, translation M. Solotruk, video art A. Zelina, scenography J. Ptačin, costumes K. Holková, music J. Vlk, dramaturgy D. Čiripová, J. Vlk, cast P. Cseri, S. Vlčeková, whispering B. Mosný

When two inharmonic tones played at once create a qualitatively new song, so disharmony of our values forces us to think, criticize and look at things from a different angle. Internal consistency is just a sign of inadequate thinking. Does history have a direction?

Inspired by Eugene Gindl’s poetry WOW! The creation of performance was supported by Slovak Arts Council from public resources.