Tuesday at 8:00 PM

Petra Fornayová a col.: Opernball

Concept and directed by. Fornayová, creation, interpretation P. Cseri, S. Ferienčíková, P Fornayová, M. Haasová, A. Hanuljak, R. Imrich, J. Štefániková, dramaturgy P. Šulej, video A. Hanuljak, J. Pišek, sound direction, VJ-ing J. Pišek, light design Ints Plavnieks, costumes I. Haasová, texts from M. Habaj collection Capuut Mortum, P. Macsovszky collection Santa Panica, P. Šulej collection Nódy, music M. Burlas, A. Vivaldi, Jamka, Casi Cada Minuto, George Bizet, Phillip Glass, production AST

Opernball is a metamorphosis of a closed system, a society that professes a specific peculiar hierarchy and unusual values. It’s a critique of the neo-liberal approach, applied to everything without exceptions. What does it mean to be, work, exist, create outside the system, within the system, which the society offers? What belongs in the system? The fear of staying outside the system of systematic and continuous support is an existential question. Creation versus basing life needs – is art smoothing that this society needs, or do we understand art only as entertainment?

Reviews: „Only rarely does something as fresh, witty and at the same time a thematically anchored piece of appears on the Slovak dance scene.” Dáša Čiripová, KÓD – magazine of contemporary theater.