Monday at 6:00 PM

Poetry of democracy / Štefánik

Moderated by Lukáš Krajčír, panelists Peter Zajac, Michal Kšiňan, Juraj Smatana

„Democracy is an organized thought, it’s the idea against chaos.” Milan Rastislav Štefánik was one of the founders of the Czechoslovak state and his positive stance towards democratic values was clearly visible. Important deeds in the fields of science and international relations were an inspiration for poetry writings of many then-contemporary Czech and Slovak poets. How did they perceive Štefánik in the field of art? What is his message for today’s times?

Poetry of democracy is a multigene cultural-educational format about society, history and literature which, through then-contemporary, engaged, Slovak poetry zooms in, during the centeniary founding celebrations of the Czechoslova Republic and in the times of a growth of both the far left and the far right, on the importance of democracy, as so-far the most suitable social system.

In cooperation with Ladon c.a. a Project Batyskaf