Friday at 8:00 PM

Debris Company, Eugen Gindl: WOW!

7 € / 5 € students

Direction and concept by J. Vlk, choreography S. Vlčeková, text E. Gindl, translation M. Solotruk, video art A. Zelina, scenography J. Ptačin, costumes K. Holková, sound J. Vlk, dramaturgy: D. Čiripová, J. Vlk, starring: P. Cseri, S. Vlčeková, whispering B. Mosný

Just like when to out of tune tones are played together create a qualitatively new composition, so does the disharmony of our values force us to think, to critique and look at things from a different angle. Internal consistency is just a case of inadequate thinking. Does history have a direction? A show inspired by the poetry of Eugen Gindls WOW!

The Slovak Arts Council supported the inscenations’ creation from public funds.