Thursday at 6:00 PM

Palo Fabuš: Fantázia rozumu – Mind Fantasy

Technology and thought II – lecture cycle on media philosophy

What is the Mind? The Mind is the tendency of thought to deal with the world and space. This tendency has been long-term successfully asserted as the defining axiom of thought and as the paramount human expression. This is achieved due to the silent support of contemporary static media and thanks to the lasting belief that the most important experiences are permanent, pre-set and, therefore, will be sooner or later recognized and represented. But in the modern times, this assumption of knowledge is unsustainable. The mind is more and more reaching its limits and therefore its actual to ask how the mind can be overcome.

Palo Fabuš studied information science, media theory, and sociology. He is the head director of the magazine Umělec and has a long-term interest in the relationship between digital technology and the human burden.