Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Hmyz – Insects

Réžia Jan Švankmajer, CZ/SK, 98 min., Czech

The newest film from Ján Švankmaier! Pub in a small town. It’s closed, the chairs are turned over on the table. The coat hanger is covered by “insect clothes”: cookies from crepe paper, cardboard butterfly wings, colorfully painted and shining black bug shells. At the table in the corner, six local amateur actors are sitting. The director – Svrček exhausts Mr. Václav, the lover of his wife. Mr. Kopřiva, playing the Parasite, eats Mrs. Jitka – the Larva. Mr. Borovička manages to transform into a bug so convincingly that he leaves his human form forever. The comes to lives and dies during the rehearsal, time does not play a role. And all this takes places on the background of a play from the Čapek brothers, where insects behave like humans and humans behave like insects.