Monday at 8:00 PM

Cirkus Mlejn: Enola

7 € / 5 € students

Concept, choreography, interpretation E. Brtnická, Supervision S. N’Duhirahe, Music S. Abrahám, Director cooperation M. Hieu Nguyen, Movement cooperation J. Vrána, I. Jäntti, Scenography Y. Hayashi, Light design K. Šimek, Lights V. Veleta, Production D. Bednáriková

Aerial acrobatics, dance, and paper. Inscenation inspired by the book Sadako and the thousand paper cranes. It is very important what comes to mind when watching it. We often have unrealistic wishes and despite that, we keep repeating: maybe…we just have to fulfill a thousand tasks! A thousand washed floors, a thousand good deeds, a thousand push-ups…? And so we keep infinitely turning in time until we realize that we see things better from above.

Organized by KD Mlejn, o.p.s.