Sunday at 8:00 PM

Bintahaha (FR), Alley Catss (HU), BZGRL (UK/SK)

6 € at the gate / 5 € presale

Visionary audiophilia, virtual reality, post-club post-humanistic post-music: prepare for the first international evening of defragmenting your memory drives. The Parisian Bintahaha takes inspiration from horror visuals, which he sees as the reason for his obsession with the world of fantasy and chaos. His fascinating digital sound landscapes are stuck between pop culture and futuristic sprouts of something weird. Alley Catss is the Budapest artist Máté Janky, who mixes ambient and abstract sound thoughts with fragments of dance music in the context of virtuality and digital spaces. Just like Bintahaha, he is published on the discovery label Daddypower Records. BZGRL is the Bratislava-based British electronic artist Adam Juraszek and his fresh version of algorithmic post-grime.