Monday at 8:00 PM

Teasing #9 / Matěj Kotouček

In May we are back with a new edition of discussion-listening evenings with people who make a living from music. Teasing are informal debates without genre restrictions and selection of favorites, describing the current musical alignment.

This editions guest will be Matěj Kotouček. Matěj moves between Brno and Bratislava, leaving behind him definite and inerasable musical tracks. Matěj is a member of the Brno label Nona Records that maps contemporary electronic and experimental sound. Last, but not least, he is a member of the AVA collective, which focuses (not just) on promotion activities. Matěj composed music to various theater plays while being a music producer and DJ. He will tell more about himself on May 28th in A4.

Moderated by Tea Tralna.