Saturday at 8:00 PM

Rian Treanor & Nakul Krishnamurthy (UK, IN), 16 Colours (SK)

6 € at the gate / 5 € presale

Attention fans of rhythmic deconstructivists like SND, Evol or Lorenzo Senni! Even in Slovakia, we will have the opportunity to experience a groundbreaking coproduction of the British electronician Rian Treanor with the Indian composer Nakul Krishnamurthy, which connects the principles of classic Indian and radical computer music. From algorithmic sequencing utilizing irregular meters, creates a fascinating, rhythmic, pulsating universe. The piece was originally premiered in 2016 in Indian Chennai during the visit of Mark Fella and Rian Treanor (which are connected by more than their musical kinship), focused on the research of traditional Indian music. This was followed by a presentation at Counterflows Festival 2018 in the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow and at various other places. 16 colors equal the current solo live project of Peter Kudlička from Bratislava, previously publishing on Exitabe under the name EGA. Juicy rhythms, dictates and modular in a delicate edition will not leave a single leg calm.