Friday at 8:00 PM

Dezorzovo lútkové divadlo: Panoptikum Frankenstain

entry: 7 €

Marionette musical 

Directed by G. Dezorz, dramaturgy Santanelli, scenography and marionettes V. Dubravalibrettoeto G. Dezorz, song texts A. B. Pain, dialogues A. Hrča, C. Cap, music M. Čekovský, co-repetition A. Maďar  

Owner of the panopticon of terror, Doctor of the Circus Sciences Frankenstein is broke. His stale attractions won’t draw any crowds. His only option is therefore to create another monster that will draw curious crows. His new Monster is a perfect shade from nightmares, created to fulfill his diabolical plans and create a perfect pair with the blind hypnotist Miss Lillith Monaco.

Created with the financial support of the Slovak Ministry of Culture.


entry: 7 €