Saturday at 8:00 PM

Theatre SkRAT: Umri, skap a zdochni…!!! / in LUČENEC at the Festival svet v meste


Authors and starring V. Bednárik, Ľ. Burgr, D. Vicen alternation M. Chalmovský, V. Zboroň, film recordings editing P. Víťaz, camera Z. Piussi, D. Vicen, composer M. Piaček, music recorded by Požoň sentimentál, song author Ľ. Burgr, directed by D. Vicen

An optimistic murderous opus about how football teams fall apart, God doesn’t like the helpless and masochism is a great thing! It’s also about the admirable skill to fall in love with multiple women several times a day and about how not everybody can deal with so many ins and outs, about the specifics of Slovak tantra and the phenomena of intelligent mistress, the proclamation of arrival of the New human and other memorabilities…