Thursday at 8:00 PM

Roman Radkovič Collective (CZ)

entry: 5 €

The end of the world? Is this the end of the music or is it just beginning? The phenomenal Roman Radkovič with his band sings about our planet. In the ecstatic stream of consciousness he resurrects Sandokan and Mariana, Winnetou, savages, Titanic, Robin Hood, giraffes, elephants, tigers, Tarzan, …

“I had my own band. Well, I had 150 bands. It cost a lot of money. I bought drums, sound equipment. My brother was angry, then we had to go to court. And I said: Your Honor, I can’t pay for this, what can I do… Well, he will end up in the institutional care and I will be here, in Tavíkovice. Sing while you can, your vocal chords are working, sing and if needed, take your medicaments”

entry: 5 €