Sunday at 6:00 PM

Debris Company: Trilogy (WOW! + Únos Európy + Jób)

entry: 20 €

Authors P. Lomnický, E. Gindl, directed by J. Vlk, music J. Vlk, V. Šarišský, J. S. Bach, choreography S. Vlčeková, set design J. Ptačin, costumes K. Holková, video-art A. Zelina, dramaturgy D. Čiripová, production M. Širáňová
Starring S. Vlčeková, D. Raček, A. Palatínusová, M. H. Lacová, M. Prevendarčík, M. Potokárová, M. Noga, R. Harvan, A. Luptáková, Spectrum Quartett

Three separate theatre essays reconstruct the contemporary human life and the influence it has on the world of nowadays: in the form of apocalyptic vision of the world after an ecological catastrophe (WOW!), where only a few people can save themselves on the ship called Európa (Únos Európy), so that the man separated from the rest of the world could meet his demons (Jób). Behind everything there are unanswered questions approaching. Does God exist or did the Man become one? Does the world have any meaning? Is the current state of this world the consequence of the history and the cause of its future?

The project was supported financially by the Slovak Art Council and Bratislavian Autonomous Region.

entry: 20 €