Thursday at 4:00 PM

Motherhood: a destiny or a choice?

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Another philosophical discussion is devoted to the topic of motherhood. How is motherhood connected to female identity: is it the main characteristics of a woman? Is motherhood a woman’s mission? What are the various forms of motherhood? Does being a mother always mean the same? How do social and biological factors influence the forms of motherhood? What is the motherly instinct, maternal love and maternal praxis? How is the motherhood institutionalized in the society and what does the concept of social motherhood have to do with it? And what about the relationship of motherhood and feminism?

The topic will be discussed by Zuzana Kiczková from the Philosophical Faculty of UK in Bratislava and Mária Spišiaková from the Theological Faculty of University in Trnava and hosted by Mariana Szapuová.

The event is organized by the Department of Philosophy and History of Philosophy of the Faculty of Philosophy at UK in Bratislava.

entry: voluntary fee