Monday at 8:00 PM

Teasing #14: Tomáš Prištiak

entry: voluntary fee

In May we bring you yet another edition of the (ir)regular discussion-listening evenings with people that are alive thanks to music. Teasings are informal debates that avoid falling into genre boxes and bring selections of favorite tunes of the presented musicians. The playlists say a lot about their current mental and musical state of mind.

The guest of the 14th edition of Teasing is Tomáš Prištiak AKA one half of the duo Tante Elze. In music production he deals with the concepts of limited sound palette from which he creates what he calls “emotional music”. Almost each of his individual projects (most of them came to life as a mark of a moment or an event in his life) he uses decomposed terrain recordings. He considers music to be a game and exploration. Besides electronic music he toys with “subversive” songwriting – either as a part of the band Tante Elze or solo.

The evening is hosted by Tea Tralna.

entry: voluntary fee