Saturday at 6:00 PM

Festival of Amateur Theatre // DSD Write your own notice: Perfect Strangers

entry: 3 € / 6 €

starring Miroslav Jančo, Ladislava Sujová, Peter Holiš, Saša Rosina, Roman Peťko, Andrea Smolková andMarcel Pekar, voices Tomáš Bořuta, Janka Valjašková and Viktória Sujová, written by Anna Jančová, dramaturgy Anna Jančová and collective, set design and costumes and choreography by collective, sound Andrej Dubec, light Tomáš Bořuta, directed by the collective


Lifelong friends are having a good time conversing at a dinner party. They know each other perfectly. They don’t have any secrets. And they start playing an innocent party game. They put their phones down in the middle of the table and decide to look at each message, phone call or a WhatsApp notification together. They end up opening the black boxes of their lives. The theatre play is based on the film Perfect Strangers (Perfetti sconosciuti, 2016) by Italian director Paolo Genovese.

entry: 3 € / 6 €