Thursday at 8:00 PM

Divadelný kabinet východňara: Bludy

entry: 7 € / 5 € študenti

written by Stanislav Bilý, directed by Stanislav Bilý and collective, dramaturgyPeter Medviď, starring Lucia Hrašková, Peter Medviď, Stanislav Bilý, Libor Pacek, Zuzana Gibarti-Dancáková


Man invented the wheel to make his life easier. So what now? Humans are torturing themselves to make wheels. Unbelievable amounts of wheels, circles, rings flying above us. People take “wheels” to fly. These types of wheels move other spheres and make them need more wheels. That’s how the delusional overlapping of areas arises, and we are entangled in them. Is there a way out? Can we decide about anything?

entry: 7 € / 5 € študenti