Friday at 8:00 PM

Otomo Yoshihide (JP), SWAG Ensemble (SK

entry: 6 € / 8 €

Otomo Yoshihide is not only a legendary Japanese guitarist, composer, gramophone player and a master of free improvisation – he is also one of the most important and formative personas of contemporary music. He belongs to a generation of exceptional and strong creators such as Mezbow or Keiji Haino but his ability to capture practically the whole musical universe connects him to John Zorn or Mike Patton. He casually manages to fit conceptual electroacoustic music, noise, guitar free improvisation and big band jazz arrangements with a twist all into his work. He is returning to Bratislava after many years to introduce his guitar and gramophone solo.

Electroacoustic ensemble SWAG Ensemble was first introduced at the festival KRAA! This time they will showcase their idea of unconventional and surprising improvised music with A. Gál, l, A. Irhová, E. Krkošková a S. Krekovič.

entry: 6 € / 8 €