Tuesday at 8:00 PM

Petra Fornayová:  Subjective future

entry: 7 € / 5 € študenti

Concept and direction: P. Fornayová, creation and interpretation: P. Fornayová, A. Hanuljak,  N. Okolicsányiová, J. Šimko, visual concept, realization and supervision of visuals: B. Vitázek, music L. Džubáková-Chuťková, costumes I. Haasová, dramaturgy P. Šulej, technical direction and light design S. Šmálik, voice-over L. Hurajová, production AST.

Subjective Future is a fictional documentary, a story of one generation, getting over the perspective of time, subjective interpretation of the future (either far or of tomorrow) of established artists from different art fields, who comment on their life-run in a casual way. Dance, theatre, fine arts, documentary film and music are all used in the performance as equal tools of expression.

The creation of the performance was financially supported by public funding of Slovak Arts Council and the International Visegrad Fund included in the artistic residence VARP in Studio ALTA Prague.

entry: 7 € / 5 € študenti