Wednesday at 5:30 PM

Climate Autumn #2 – Local Act / City as politicum + Príbeh nula / Bod obratu + Arnošt Novák

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Fifty percent of fossil fuels was consumed after 1990. That was after the world’s elites recognized that the climate change is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. More and more the scientists  talk about the need for a radical change to avert the imminent climate catastrophe. But some of them have already said that the collapse of the society as we know ita society built on extensive production and consumption is inevitable. This collapse, however, makes room for another possible or rathernecessary world. But we cannot rely on the elites and the market, which will lead us more to climate barbarism. If we want climate justice, we need autonomous politics based on equality, self-determination, solidarity and mutual assistance, often outside the state, political parties and corporations. We see examples around the world today.

Financially supported by the Slovak Arts council and Bratislava Autonomous Region and Bratislava regional funding scheme for supporting culture.

entry: vstup voľný