Monday at 8:00 PM

Festival Drama Queer 2019 / T.I.T.S.: Tumor – carcinogenic romance / CZ

entry: 8 € / 5 € študenti

Concept and direction Nela H. Kornetová, dramaturgy D. Radová a L. Ferenzová, set design and video J. H. Husták, music and sound O. Anděra – Sifon, starring N. H. Kornetová, J. Viňarský


Tumor – a carcinogenic romance is a sensual play connecting movement, visuals and words. The topic is cancer and its expressions – not only on the somatic but mental, social and spiritual level. T.I.T.S. examines the relation between tumor and our society based on the claim that each age of history has its own illness. 


The festival was supported by public funds of Slovak Art Council and the funding program ARS BRATISLAVENSIS.

entry: 8 € / 5 € študenti