Sunday at 8:00 PM

Debris Company / Peter Lomnický: Jób

entry: 8 € / 5 € študenti 

Author P. Lomnický, directed by, concept by J. Vlk, music J. Vlk, J.S. Bach, choreography S. Vlčeková, asisstant of choreography D. Raček, light and set design J. Ptačin, costumes K. Holková, dramaturgy D. Čiripová, music realization R. Harvan, video-art A. Zelina, technical collaboration J. Čabo, production M. Širáňová

Starring M. Potokárová, M. Noga, R. Harvan


Jób is a provocative dialogue about hope and the meaning of human existence in the situations that are seemingly meaningless. The contemporary world is based on logic and the cold perfection and infallibility contrasts with the fragile and vulnerable soul of man, subjected to chance and fighting against its own shadow and imperfection. Doubts about faith, inner disorientation of the contemporary human – Job of the 21st century – come together in the labyrinth of questions about the meaning of human suffering and the eternal battle of sense and sensibility.


The project was supported financially by the Slovak Art Council and Bratislava Autonomous Region.

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entry: 8 € / 5 € študenti