Thursday at 7:00 PM

Sviteková: The memory of concrete

entry: 8 €  dospelý / 5  €  študent, ZŤP, senior / deň festivalu

Where are we? | Who is us? | Which concretes?

Concrete as a material – so imporant in its old days – is still admired. Sometimes a bit too rigidly. It is easy to built from it but so hard to deconstruct. Abstract and so concrete. With clear characteristics. Concrete and the body? Shapes and objects. In what sense can it all be a personal expression?

Silvia Sviteková graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts and Music with specialization Dance Theatre and Performance where she currently continues in her master degree studies. She is a member of MimoOs and PLaST and cooperates with different choreographers – Juraj Korec, Marta Poláková and Petra Fornayová. Her bachelor work The memory of concrete is one of many of her solos and performances to be showcased at various festivals (Nu Dance Fest, Kiosk) and spaces (Cinema in a pool). She was awarded in the competition Gala Art Moves.

entry: 8 €  dospelý / 5  €  študent, ZŤP, senior / deň festivalu