Friday at 7:00 PM

Jana Tereková: She had 70 skirts on

entry: 8 €  dospelý / 5  €  študent, ZŤP, senior / deň festivalu

Story, choreography, dance J. Tereková, music and music mix J. Champagnon, set design, costumes G. Paschová, M. Čech, light design B. Adamčík, L. Kubičina, production bees-R in coproduction with NEWTIMES.


Body and clothes. Soft touches on the skin, memories appearing from the body, limits of movement. What do clothes do to the body? What does the body do to the clothes? She had 70 skirts on invites you into an imaginary world in which things come to life while the body becomes an object. The performance is a metamorphosis of the body that melts, breaks and changes into a piece of cloth, puppet or marionette… It is an expression of desire to change perspective of looking at ourselves, the people: Are we not just one of the forms of life? What traces do we leave behind? 


Jana Tereková is an established dancer and choreographer who gained recognition of critics thanks to her participation in various dance and theatrical projects collaborating with established Slovak and international artists. She is a member of the Centre national de la danse in Paris.


The project was financially supported by Slovak Arts Council.

entry: 8 €  dospelý / 5  €  študent, ZŤP, senior / deň festivalu