Sunday at 8:00 PM

Petra Fornayová: Manifesto of possibilities 

entry: 8 €  dospelý / 5  €  študent, ZŤP, senior / deň festivalu

Directing, concept, choreography P. Fornayová, interpretation A. Čonková, S. Kúdeľová, S. Macejáková, J. Machútová, L. Puškárová, S. Sviteková, music dramaturgy A. Šulej, visuals and video J. Pišek, dramaturgy P. Šulej, technical direction and light design S. Šmálik, costumes I. Haasová, graphics M. Gavula, video and editing A. Hanuljak, photo B. Dolinajová, production AST


Artistic decisions are revolutionary interventions into the state of the world. They bring a diversion. Unlike evolution, revolution is a disruption of slowly and organically developed flow of things. It is conscious and radical. Direction of the development is conditioned by the rightness of decisions. The variable is the perspective of time that evaluates the quality of decisions and it doesn’t matter whether they were intuitive or rational. The topic of revolution resonates not only because we are currently celebrating the anniversary of the Velvet revolution, but it also naturally follows the topic of the end – which was examined in previous play by Petra Fornayová End, End.

entry: 8 €  dospelý / 5  €  študent, ZŤP, senior / deň festivalu