Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Breaking News

entry: 4 €

Mimořádná zpráva, directed by Tomáš Bojar, CZ, 75 min., Czech language with English subtitles.


Director Tomáš Bojar will personally present his documentary film observing a day in two newsrooms. This is the day when Miloš Zeman is to announce whether he will run for Presidential elections again. However, this is only to be communicated to his most loyal supporters at a meeting where the media are not invited. The editors of Czech Television and newspaper Hospodářské noviny are getting ready to obtain and publish the breaking news.

In a time where the media is facing strong criticism, this film is an interesting contribution to the discussion around journalists’ work. It shows the behind-the-scenes of newsrooms, decision-making processes, routine work and everyday conversations. It is a political thriller without conspiracy, based only on immersion in the field.

entry: 4 €