Monday at 8:00 PM

Canceled / Paradise on Earth

entry: 4 € / 3 € s preukazom FK

Paradise on Earth

Monday / 20.00 / kino inak / 4 € / 3 € with Film Club ID

directed by Jaro Vojtek, SK, 78 min., sk


The documentary film follows the professional career and private life of the Slovak journalist, documentarist and photographer Andrej Bán. The director Jaro Vojtek examines Andrej’s personal story of Andrej through intimate conversations and accompanies him to the journeys around the world while he battles with loneliness, mental problems and attempts to start a loving long-term relationship. The tragic and complicated stories of the contemporary world of war zones and crisis areas and refugee camps are portrayed parallelly. Paradise on Earth is a topography of tragic battles of a human and the world, a continual therapy without an end.


entry: 4 € / 3 € s preukazom FK