Sunday at 5:00 PM

Divadlo Morgonrock: Three cubes of yeast

entry: 4 €

Puppet adventure comedy / 45 min. / kids from age 3 welcome

story, direction and puppets by P. Gärtner, starringP. Gärtner, L. Tandara, music R. Hrbek, title track V. Janček

People had ruthlessly cut down forests and drove out animals so the evil wizard Koroňák arrived to punish them. He moves around unnoticed, bringing illness and economic depression. No one dares to face him. Even the little demon Kolofón would not go anywhere. The order is to stay at home – and it sounds like it was designed for him. However, it does not take long until he runs out of the yeast. His wife Ježibaba sends him to bring at least three cubes, because their son wants to eat nothing else than poppy seed cakes and buns. And those can’t be made without yeast. Kolofón sets out to meet another dangerous adventure, through parched lands, where people come to ask advice from the legendary magus Vševeda. And so Kolofón will fight not only for the three cubes of yeast on his pilgrimage, but also for the fate of the whole world – and he will also stand up to the wizard Koroňák himself!

entry: 4 €