Friday at 8:00 PM

Fuckhead (AT), Rentip (SK)

entry: 10 € at the venue / 8 € pre-sale

If the name’s good, everything’s good! The Austrian band Fuckhead was founded in 1988 and became famous around the world thanks to their original actionist performances. Elements of dance electronics, rough metal, movement theatre and even opera singing were perfected by the four performers over the years of their existence. Didi Bruckmayr, Siegmar Aigner, Michael Strohmann a Didi Kern (also drummer for the Slovak Shibuya Motors) promise fascination, ecstasy, intensity, physicality but also irony, laughing at macho stereotypes, celebration of artistic freedom and a ridicule to the petty bourgeoisie. Let’s experience the extreme (post)cabaret again – 13 years after their storm at the NEXT festival.

Rentip comes from Bratislava, but most of the time he lives in Cambodia. Around the turn of the millennium, as a member of the duo Poo, he became a pioneer of experimental digital electronics in Slovakia. After a long break he’s back to the stage – with a rhythmic concert set.

entry: 10 € at the venue / 8 € pre-sale