Saturday at 8:00 PM

Wabi Experience (Federsel & Tarnovski)

entry: Saturday / 20.00 / concert / 5 €

Czech country bard Wabi Daněk is awakening into a technological dystopia. Works of the well known folk songwriter from the eighties evolve into atmospheric, pulsating ambient adventure in the hands of experienced Czech electronic musicians (Federsel & Tarnovski). Is it a remix? Or an interpretation? Sampling? All of the above. Eighteen years had passed since the origin of the idea until the recent release of the album in the Viennese Mikroton – that is now to be played live for the first time in Slovakia. If the names Fennesz, Jan Jelinek or Biosphere have a nice ring to you, Wabi Experience should appear in your agenda. Hauntology made of moss and ferns, outsider waltz inside out and narcotic memories of tramps soaked in kitchy sunsets are awaiting you.

entry: Saturday / 20.00 / concert / 5 €