Monday at 8:00 PM

Sláva Daubnerová: Masterpiece

entry: 7 € /  5 € zľavnené

Concept, script, direction and performance: S. Daubnerová, costumes and set design: S. Daubnerová, choreography: A. Petrovič, music: M. Burlas, video: J. Gulyás, light design: M. Slama, sound design: Ľ. Holík and M. Slama, voice: M. Vrábová, production: Mana, s.r.o.

Solo movement and visual play inspired by inner restlessness that can lead a person to discoveries. Isolation, creative process, doubts, constant evaluation of work, processing of (un)success – a cycle in which artists move around in circles while making a new work. To be or not to be – an artist?

entry: 7 € /  5 € zľavnené