Monday at 8:00 PM

Adrena Axis

entry: 7 € / 5 € zľavnené / 1 € študenti

Monday / 20.00 / dance / 7 € / 5 € reduced price / 1 € students
concept S. Ferienčíková, choreography J. Viňarský, movement research M. Kilvády,
creation/dance D. Raček, L. Homola, S. Ferienčíková/H. Arenbergerová, light design I. Plavnieks,

Hudba L. Kubičina, production BOD.Y – A. Mireková, technical support: sedemminut, graphic
design: studio
Comical dance play about the fragility of human relationships for every generation.
Every time we step into human relationships it is highly probable that we will get hurt and also
cause pain. It is impossible to not have this experience – even if it is about something small, a
banality, that will shake us, stress us out and irritate us enough to influence how we act and think.
It is like this because nobody can live in the world of no contact with the others.
The environment and the situations of the play reminiscent over the age on the border of childhood
and adolescence. It is when the friends from the neighborhood hide together in the basements or
clubs – to create a microcosmos of subconscious imitations of societal relationships observed from
outside behind the closed doors.

entry: 7 € / 5 € zľavnené / 1 € študenti