Friday at 7:00 PM

Erik Pánči (stream from A4)

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Erik Pánči comes from Ružomberok. He studied intermedia and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and says the following about himself:
“For the last year, mainly because coviid, I have been working as an arborist, so I climb trees, trim branches and think about philosophy.
For me, music is a manifestation of internalism. It’s the way I fight my own resentiment. By composition, I embody a sense of unity. As a religious belief in superhumanity, where finding evidence of superhumanity degrades the very idea … that things are hidden from us are more than they really are. It’s also the main reason why I can’t rehearse the performance in advance and repeat it. On stage, I have to forget who I am to become someone I can be.
When creating, I use an analog modular system with a combination of playing a piezoelectric piano. ”

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entry: voluntary