Saturday at 8:00 PM

OutOfContext: Fairycore Syndicate (Exui, Lemonwhore, BronxBrody & Fvlcrvm) stream from A4

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☢ Series of genrefluid audiovisual mixtapes & performances provided by the A4 community ☢
Playing and experiment with formats and everyday tools. Connecting through the internet because what else is there to do 🙃

Fairycore Syndicate: Extraplanetary multidimensional collective of three higher beings that are planning to virtually create sets that would enslave the feeble minded to rob human banks for us.


Exui (techno, gabber, jungle): Entity known across galaxies also as “fake model” ,coming from eerie swamps with her fake dreamy essence

Lemonwhore (techno, trance, hitech): Quintessentially homosexual , celestial, and eccentric higher being travelling through spacetime playing music for other spirits

BronxBrody (techno, rave, industrial): Billionaire cowboy coming from ancient money, designing otherworldly sounds and graphics sharing his eternal legacy with universe

Fvlcrvm (global club, techno, trance): Humanoid cyborg technologically enhanced by fairy beings making him capable of creating sounds no other creature has ever heard before

Stream will be live on https://www.mixcloud.com/a4tv/ and http://a4.sk/live

entry: dobrovoľné