Wednesday at 7:00 PM

D’epog: Série, série, série, série

entry: 7 € / 9 € at the venue / 2 € reduced

Directed by L. Repašská, Dramaturgy M. Dlab, Set design M. Sýkora, Video M. Blažíček, Music M. Kobolka, light design V. Burian, Starring Z. Polák, J. Prokešová, R. Chyba, Z. Smutková, M. Straková


The art piece examines the themes of human society organization, systematization of human relationships, effectivity of work and increasing productivity, mechanisms of control, power and leadership, over-saturation of communication and the risks of destabilization and collapse. The themes are elaborated through the perspective of individuality and collectivity, centralization and decentralization, activity and passivity. The outcome of the practical part of the project is a confrontational interface between the scenic environment and virtual reality – attacking the possibilities of viewers’ perception and testing their limits.


Created in collaboration with Batyskaf. The replay of the performance was financially supported by public funding through the Slovak Arts Council.

entry: 7 € / 9 € at the venue / 2 € reduced