Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Oberhausen on tour 2020: MuVi-Award

entry: 4 € / 3 € reduced

Various authors

various languages + English subtitles


In 1999 Oberhausen festival was the frist film award in the world that had introduced the category of music videos. The impulse to create this category came from observing how music video become more and more of an emancipated genre – and graduated from their purely illustrative and PR function to a completely independent and transformed form of visualization. Music videos have established themselves as an independent genre of short films that have eventually even made it through the downfall of its dula – the music TV. Oberhausen on tour 2020: MuVi-Award collected almost all the works that were nominated for the MuVi 2020 award, accompanied with four experimental artistic videoclips from Japan, India, Ecuador and Canada.

entry: 4 € / 3 € reduced